Weikersheim observatory and planet trail

Type of project Permanent exhibition and self-guiding trail
Administrative District Main-Tauber-Kreis
Local communities Weikersheim
Contact Hartmut Schneeweiß
Phone +49 (0)7938-81397
E-Mail Hartmut.Schneeweiss@de.ebmpapst.com






Project description

Weikersheim observatory has become nationally renown for its expert-guided tours and powerful telescopes. For decades, a planet trail has shown the sizes and relative distances of the planets in our solar system. This trail will now be modernised. A new dome will extend the observatory in order to create additional observing stations.

The first meeting with Transinterpret in spring 2005 revealed that the old information posters were unattractive and had to be re-designed. A workshop took place in summer 2005 to identify the potential target groups for the trail. This made clear that both the routing of the trail and the path surface (a tarmac farm road) were unsuitable for the target groups. Alternatives thus had to be considered.

Current state of the project

A more attractive route has now been identified and agreed with the town of Weikersheim. A first Transinterpret workshop took place in spring 2006 to design the contents of the trail. The trail is expected to open in autumn 2006.



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